Meet the Moroch Summer Interns

This is a blog post for Moroch originally posted here.

This summer 30 interns from 23 different colleges based in 15 different cities came together for ONE big experience. The internship program is growing exponentially and Moroch is proud to announce that this is the largest class of interns the agency has ever had. These dedicated students collectively touched every Moroch client and collaborated weekly to discuss the roles of each discipline in the agency. All 30 interns have also combined efforts to develop content for an intern Instagram account to offer insights on our growing internship program and the daily life of a Morochian intern. Stay up-to-date with the latest intern action by following @MorochStars on Instagram.

MHI 2015 Summer InternsSee full size infographic here.

For more information on how you can apply to be a “Moroch Star”, visit Careers at Moroch or contact Kendall Gibbs at

Moroch Stars Logo

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